Santa Ana Winds


Do you have a tree? Is it in good health? Is this tree positioned in a way that could potentially hurt somebody if it were to fall?

Trees are alive and need nutrients and water to stay healthy. When they get sick they get weak.
With the Santa Ana Winds among us, a strong gust of wind can easily break off an already weak limb and send it crashing to whatever lies below.

Full canopied tree can create a “windsail” effect. When strong wind gusts push on a tree that doesn’t allow the wind to pass through effortlessly, the leverage of wind is no match for even the biggest trees, and in some cases can even uproot them.

Look for these signs that can help you determine whether your tree is in good shape or not:

  • Clumps of dead leaves on branches
  • A “conk” or foreign fungus oozing from your tree
  • Discoloration or white powder on your leaves

All are possible symptoms of disease that could be present in your tree.

Call Gruett today for more information on these symptoms and what you can do about it. We’ll be waiting with our stethoscopes and clipboard’s in hand!