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At Gruett we have had commercial, governmental and residential clients call us out because they believe a tree from a neighboring property is causing damage to their property or someone else is accusing their trees of causing damage. They need someone to get at the root of the problem for them… You like what we…(Read More)

Imagine you are working on a project and your neighbor’s tree is coming up against your wall, or the roots are coming into your property and you want to put in a pool and or a fence. You might start cutting all the roots on your property or even begin cutting the top of…(Read More)

In Gruettville we recently got an unusual request. New homeowners had moved into a neighborhood and had different ideas about the landscape they wanted at their home. In the end, that meant cutting down a tree that had been long admired and had sentimental value in the neighborhood. Many years before, the former homeowner brought…(Read More)



Ziziphus jujuba Full or partial sun Moderate water   Native to temperate regions of Asia and known botanically as Ziziphus jujuba. Slow to moderate growth to 15–20 ft. tall (possibly 30 ft.) and 10–15 ft. wide. Spiny, gnarled, somewhat pendulous branches. Glossy bright green, 1–2-in.- long leaves with three prominent veins…(Read More)

Santa Ana Winds


Do you have a tree? Is it in good health? Is this tree positioned in a way that could potentially hurt somebody if it were to fall? Trees are alive and need nutrients and water to stay healthy. When they get sick they get weak. With the Santa Ana Winds among us, a strong gust…(Read More)