Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Services: What you need to know.

  • We coordinate with your electric company when necessary.
  • Because we will always cut a tree’s stump as close to the ground as possible, grinding the stump is optional.
  • Do not assume that a new tree can be planted in the same spot after the stump is gone – there will be some underground roots left that are not removable.
  • Our stump grinding machine can grind up to 18 inches below grade.
  • Upon request, we will haul away the grindings, back fill the hole with top soil, and seed the area for you.

Gruett safely removes damaged trees.

Gruett will evaluate the tree’s structure to develop the safest way to remove the tree. We work with the appropriate equipment to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. In yards where access is limited, we will use a crane to assist in the removal process.

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When comparing tree trimming estimates consider the extent of the work recommended and make sure the work quoted is by a Licensed Arborist.