Whose Tree is it Anyway?


100_1867At Gruett we have had commercial, governmental and residential clients call us out because they believe a tree from a neighboring property is causing damage to their property or someone else is accusing their trees of causing damage. They need someone to get at the root of the problem for them… You like what we did there?
Let’s say you believe roots from a neighbor’s trees have caused damage to your patio and foundation. What do you do? First, contact an ISA-certified arborist with experience in roots, like we have on staff at Gruett. Have them come out to find out where the damaging roots are coming from. Second, keep an open mind: the tree you or they are identifying as being the culprit may not have anything to do with the problem. We have had clients who call us and say, “This is definitely the homeowners’ association tree that is tearing up my property and I want you to come and represent us.”
If you want us to come in and tell you what you want to hear then we’re not the company for you. We are going to tell you what we see. Whether you are calling us because you are accusing someone else’s tree or someone is accusing your tree, we are there to find out where the problem is originating, because We Speak Tree. We listen to what the tree is telling us and use forensic analysis to explain what is going on.
We want to determine if the species of the root is the same as the “offending” tree. We have found that many tree species’ characteristics are common below ground, just like you find in their above-ground traits. There are ways to determine if the species of the root are the same as the tree in question. We open up the ground and look at the roots to help us make that determination.
You may think your neighbor’s tree is undermining your property, but there may be a tree on your property that was cut down years ago with a stump left in the ground. That means it may still have roots and still could still have caused the problem.
We have found that with trees and roots, there is always something to be discovered, Call Gruett today for more information. You can reach us at 1-877-447-8388 or at www.Gruett.com